The Gospel of John REWIND:

In 2007 Mosaic read through the Gospel of John, and now we are doing it again. This month, we will be posting a series of rewind links that can get you in touch with the things we wrote about John last time we read thought it.

Check it out:

2007 INTRO

John 1

John 1 (Part 2)

John 1 (part 3)

John 2

John 2 (part 2) 

John 3

John 4


Home & Pictures.

Both Mosaic teams are home.

GREAT trips.

I will be posting  my 58 gigabytes (over 7000) pictures over the next few weeks. The pictures I uploaded in Caraballo were low resolution, so they will not look good any larger than a 4 x 6 print.

I will repost all of these pics and many many more soon.



We landed in jfk.

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Caraballo Team 2 (Thursday)

Today was a great, dry day (unlike the weather we heard that you experienced.

Most of our crew took on the task of painting the remodeled dining hall that we have been working on. The rest of our team helped out with pouring a few smaller concrete projects (Dining hall stage, and part of a wall). Having been here for almost two weeks, it has been cool to see how much that Elmbrook's middle school students have contributed. We have done a lot of work, and it feels good.

We painted a lot today, and will also be painting tomorrow. Everyone is doing a great job,working hard, and loving our team, and our hosts.

One more day of work, and then its time to come home!


Caraballo Team 2 (Tuesday & Wednesday)

The last two days have been really good.

On tuesday, it did rain, but we were still able to move a lot of dirt, begin to paint the walls of the cafeteria, and help the Haitian workers pour the floor in the cafeteria addition. We also played a lot with kids, both from the school and from the Village. There is a lot of distance between the pile of black dirt and where it needs to goA few of our leaders had to work to create a "path" that allowed us to drive wheelbarrows through ankle deep mud. When the heavy rain did come, it was late afternoon and only cut off a little of the work day. Tuesday night, the truck died on the way home from our worksite, but we still got home safe, and the local mechanic had it fixed and back to the team house when we woke up in the morning.

On wednesday, we had a little bit different of a day. It is the last day of summer session for the students. They came for lunch and then had a program that all the kids participated in to celebrate the end of their school year. One thing that was very interesting was that the kids lunches were served in styrofoam take out containers. Most of the students didn't eat much of their food, but instead too their containers home for their families. The school actually gave the kids a little break after lunch just so they could take their food home. Pretty cool stuff.

Tonight the head of the school spoke with us. He shared his heart for the kids of the Village. It was really powerful stuff shared with tears.

Last night we looked at Luke 15, and tonight we read Luke 10. Awesome passages about God's heart for people. and what it means to truly Live and Love like Jesus did.


Caraballo Team 2 (Monday)

Team #2's experience has been very different than the first team's so far.

Yesterday, it rained during beach day for most of the afternoon (which was still fun!)

Today, it rained most of from about 12:30 until 5:30. The had a massive effect on our work.

In the morning when we got to the school, we went on a tour of the surrounding area. There is so much to say about it, that a blog would never do it justice. On the "field trip" we say some pretty extreme poverty, as well as getting a hint of some of the social, political, & systemic problems that hold people there.

Once we got to work, we split into 3 team. One team worked on prepping the dinning hall to pour a new concrete floor. A second team started loading up the black dirt that was dug up in order to put in the footing we helped pour last week. Once it was in a wheel barrow, it had to be take through a crazy obstacle course of ramps, hills, mud & more in order to make its way to the future garden area (where they want to use the dirt to grow banana trees). The third team clean off a new place to mix mortar, and began to pile up the supplies needed.

Around 12 we had lunch, and got to see their monthly birthday celebration. Many of the kids have never had such celebrations before, so it is fun to see how excited they get. They also celebrated Kip & Kate, two of our team members whose birthday's are this week!

After a long lunch of playing with kids, we tried to get back to work, but it was raining very consistently.

We were able to move some dirt in the rain, but our work was definitely slowed down.

On the was to school, we have to cross a river without a bridge. Because of the rain, the river rose so high, that only one of our vehicles could not make it through, so we had to leave it at the school and make two trips home.

Please pray for us to either find jobs we can do even though it is raining, or for the rain to let up.


Caraballo Team 2 (Saturday)

Team 2 arrived at the house safe & sound. They had a great dinner, and got settled in.

tomorrow morning they will begin their adventure in full!

Caraballo (Saturday)

Team 1 got on a bus today and headed for the airport. We had to send a motorcycle to catch them because the driver had forgotten to shut that door on the trailer (he caught them:) , but other than that they left without a hitch.

Team two is supposed to arrive around 7 tonight.

Caraballo (Friday)

On friday, we were again slowed a bit by rain. The river was full, and only the van could cross (we have a Van and a pickup that transport us around). Once on the sight, we finished up many of our projects, and got to work mixing more concrete.

 Students on friday are only at the school for 2.5 hours. Many of them won't eat for the entire weekend, so the school created a short day on fridays, so they could at least give the students one meal. They come at 10, play games until 12, and then eat a huge lunch together and go home.

Around 11, our adult leaders took most of the work, so the students could have one last chance to play with the kids. The students also got to eat lunch with them. It was cool to see.

Meanwhile, the adult leaders were able to help the Haitian workers finish a second concrete floor. They are expanding their kitchen, and the new floors will be used for additionally cooking space.

After lunch, we gave the kids snack bags as they left for the weekend. It was hard to see them go.

Alberto, the director of the school, got very emotional as he thanked us for coming. He told us that when he had heard that a team of middle school students was coming, he was worried that we would not be able to do the hard work. But on the first day we surprised him so much, that he struggled to keep us busy with enough jobs. All week long, he said, we kept demanding more work from him! He was moved that our students could work so hard, even being so young. The Lord, gives the strength.

After this, we spent some time in the market across from the school, and then went back to our house. After dinner, we made the decision to go to the beach for our final group session, even though it looked like rain.

On the way there it rained on and off. When we got there, it held off long enough to sing a few songs, then the rain came hard and we took shelter in a beach restaurant that was owned by a Dominican Christian.

Our team shared a lot about what God has showed them on the trip.

We finished the time together by looking at Luke 8 together, and particularly the parable of the soils. I challenged the team, not to let the weeds grow up around what they had learned this week.


Caraballo (Thursday)

Today was another interesting day.

The Rain came through some of the night, but did not slow out team down this morning.

Once on the site, we got to work on some new and familiar tasks. One team tied rebar in one of the areas we had cleared and leveled the previous day. Another group, got another are ready to put rebar in and cleared rubble from the dinning hall. A third group went to work on the remnant of the wall: A giant rebar reinforced concrete girder, which some construction workers had pulled down after we left yesterday.

Soon we were ready to pour concrete on the rebar, so most of our team moved to that task and brought the sand, gravel, and cement needed. Interestingly, each bag of cement weighs 94 lbs, which is more that several of our team members!

 By lunch, we had helped pour half of the concrete pad, and made good progress on our other tasks as well. Lunch and the time with the students was awesome. It is so fun to play with them and to see the light in their eyes. Most of the funding for this school comes through each student having sponsorship (about $35 a month) from foreign families. Don't be surprised if your student asks you about it.

In the Afternoon, we helped finish the pad, finished destroying the concrete girder, & finished most of the footing that we had started on Tuesday.

THe big surprise came when we went to leave the worksite today. The team van, had a flat tire. It took over an hour to fix because of how hard it was to get the old tire off. Some of our team went back in other vehicles, but 4 leaders from our team eventually & triumphantly drove themselves home in the Van which they had fixed.

Great session tonight talking about what God has been teaching us and looking at Luke 10 together.

Hard to believe tomorrow is Friday.